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Technical Direction & Design

Chemical Brothers - The O2 - 30th November 2019 by Luke Dyson - IMG_1813.jpg
Photo credit : Luke Dyson

Welcome to I Smashed It Productions! Music has the power to fill our souls with joy and connect us to each other. At I Smashed It!, we aim to bring that joy and connection to every event by creating custom tailored solutions for our clients. After over 20 years in the business and with our vast network and knowledge of production specialists, we specialise in curating high-quality concerts, events and installations with superior production, made just for you. We will work to establish the perfect realisation ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Chemical Brothers - The O2 - 30th November 2019 by Luke Dyson - IMG_1893.jpg
Photo credit : Luke Dyson
Photo credit : Ray Baseley

We are passionate about creating unique experiences for our clients. We believe that music, art and experience has a special power to bring people together and inspire us - we strive to bring that to every event. Whether it’s a concert, festival, tour, visual art installation or corporate event, our goal is to bring the highest quality production and services to each engagement. We take pride in our craft and believe in the power of connecting people.

Photo credit : Ray Baseley
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